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Want to know what your car is worth?Have you ever thought to yourself 'How much is my car worth'? Well here at Value my Car AT we aim to answer this question. You may also be wondering how to go about selling your car. We hope to give you the answer to this too. Selling a used car for a decent price is easier than it has ever been, and it is currently very much a sellers market.

All that is needed on your part is to input your car's number plate into the form above, and our free valuation process will begin. Our valuations are have completely no obligation, and you are free to make as many valuations as you like. Plus, all our valuations are also a guaranteed offer to buy your vehicle.

Our buying company works with many businesses in the automotive market who specialise in the buying and selling of different makes of vehicles. So, we can always find a buyer for your car, not matter its make, model or age.

In the past, selling a second hand motor was a time staking and gruelling routine. After paying for your classified ads, or after placing a 'For Sale' sign in the back of your car, you would then have to wait for buyers to take interest. After that would come the bargaining and haggling and stream of tyre-kickers and time wasters. The whole selling process would be down to you and your due diligence, and sales could take weeks to complete.

Nowadays, we can offer you both a free car valuation and a guaranteed offer to buy said vehicle, all in a matter of days. All that is needed from you is to input a few details about your vehicle, and you will receive a valuation and quote within minutes, if not seconds.

We give your old motor a good homeWe work with many different buyers who each specialise in different makes and models of car, and so we can get great deals on all types of motor. Every vehicle we see is different, and every valuation is tailored to suit each car that goes through our valuation process. This is how we can give you the best price in the motor trade. No pressure is ever put on you to sell; you can either take the offer or leave it, and have no obligations to us.

So, whatever the make, model, age or type of vehicle you have, we will be able to find a buyer for it. As the saying goes, we buy any car! Start your free valuation today and input your registration plate into the form at the top of the page - you won't regret it.

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