Do you need to Value your Car?

There is certainly no shortage of vehicles on the roadWhen it comes to selling your car, there are many points and situations which you need to keep in mind, and which can ultimately affect the vehicle's final value. The standard features that people immediately look at are the mileage of the vehicle (obviously the lower the better) and it's overall condition; both in the looks department, and under the bonnet where it counts. However, there are a number of other facets to look at which can help put a more accurate value on a motor.

Take for example a Jaguar XJ Saloon from 2010. Picture yourself owning this car, in standard black colour, and with an interior finished in cream leather, whilst your neighbour owns exactly the same vehicle, but in a green colour with matching interior. Because of your car's colour and interior finish, it could be valued at thousands of pounds more than your neighbour's vehicle. It really pays to know all the facts about a car, and this is where a free car valuation can come in to the picture.

You may not be a Jag owner, and might just own a modest Nissan Micra, but this does not mean that such inconsistencies won't affect it's valuation, and differences that may seem superficial to the layman may still mean the difference between three figures and four figures. Even elements such as where in the country the car is located, it's number of former keepers, how detailed it's service history reports are and where it is kept at night can affect the value of your car.

Getting your sums right is only half of the equationYou should realise though that there is no such thing as a 'standard' value for any particular make or model of car; private buyers and used car dealers will all place their own value on a vehicle depending on their own wants and desires. You can see this behaviour for yourself by visiting a public vehicle action and examine the actions of the bidders on each car. Those who have not done their homework and eschewed a free car valuation are more likely to stop bidding on a worthwhile motor, whilst those who have done their research may well walk away with a great little vehicle which will fetch a lot more on the used car market.

Nowadays there are many avenues to go down when wanting to get rid of your current car or buy another; anything from private sales to part exchange deals. The fact that you are reading this text on our website means you are likely to be part of the flourishing mass of people who are looking to the online world to sell their vehicle.

Online Car Buying Services

Experience the joy of a new vehicleType into any search engine the phrase 'sell my car' and you'll be presented with a slew of websites that offer services from classified ads to instant valuations, and offers to buy your car at the best prices out there. Some services may try and solicit your asking price from you before giving you a valuation, as it may be less than they would otherwise offer you. Some may even give you a price without checking any details, and when they find out you live out of their area of business they suddenly lose interest. All this can be a time-wasting experience for the potential car seller, and you may get sick of inputting your details into so many website forms.

What makes us different from the rest?

We go through the details of your car with a fine-tooth comb before calculating our valuation, taking into account the information you give us about your vehicle along with details about it that we source from other parties, such as the DVLA, HPI and other vehicle authorities. This all results in what we feel is the most accurate online valuation service on the market. So, if you absolutely want to sell your car and would like to give us the opportunity to buy it from you, please input your car's number plate into the form at the top of the page, and this will start our no obligation free car valuation service.

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